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Saturday, Sep 18, 2021

What happens if a school is exposed to the COVID-19 virus?

What happens if a school is exposed to the COVID-19 virus?

Now that government has given the proverbial green light for all schools to resume face-to-face classes starting September, one might ask, ‘what if a school becomes exposed to COVID-19?’.
Education Minister Dr Natalio Wheatley says local health officials would have to be called.

“If a child reports to school having been directly exposed to COVID-19, the public health team will be contacted immediately. Contact tracing will commence and they will make the appropriate decisions on additional measures based on their findings,” he said in a public broadcast this week.

The minister further implored parents not to send their child to school if they suspect he/she has been exposed to COVID-19. They are, instead, advised to contact the public health team immediately.

As for the protocols that must be followed while on campus, Dr Wheatley said each student is expected to come to on-site classes with a mask or face shield, their hand sanitiser, and cleaning wipes.

“We’ll continue to ensure that all the sanitation and hygiene protocols are in place. Washbasins must be visible for hand washing, sanitisers must be in all classrooms for ongoing sanitation throughout the day,” the minister stated.

He added: “All persons on school campuses must wear a mask or face shield at all times.”

Dr Wheatley further said visitation to school campuses will continue to be restricted. Each school is expected to decide how visitors will be accommodated with the restricted guidelines.

All COVID protocols in schools will be updated and made available to parents and the general community as needed.

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