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Sunday, Nov 27, 2022

While Russian-Ukrainian war is ongoing, let's take a look at the composition of the Ukrainian government:

The core decision-making inner circle of Ukrainian President Zelensky is actually based on his circle of friends when he was an actor. I find it positive. Because being an actor means at list he is honest about his profession, while traditional politicians only pretend to care about the public while in fact all the one that I know from all around the world, are simply a corrupted actors, clown or puppets (but always corrupted).

To the facts:

1. The Chief of Staff of the Presidential Palace, Andre Yemark, is a comedy producer;

2. The head of the Presidential Administration, Andre Bodin, is a lawyer in the entertainment industry;

3. The president's chief policy adviser, Sergey Sheffey, is a comedy writer;

4. Ivan Bakanov, deputy chairman of the Ukrainian Supreme Intelligence Service, is the boss of a comedy film company;

5. Senior adviser to the Ukrainian National Defense Committee, Sergei Sivoko, is also a comedian and is Zelensky's partner in acting.

If you just look at their resume, you can't tell whether it is a film and television company or a country's decision-making body. Indeed, "All the world's a stage; And all the men and women merely players" (William Shakespeare).

(On the other hand, we trust artists much more than any crooked politicians in our western, modern “democratic” country, right?)

However, when it come to government, the major important factor is who are they representing and they are loyal too.

I do not have the tools nor the intelligence to know what’s behind secret doors, all I have is simple facts:

Ukraine recognizes dual nationality.

80% of senior government officials are American citizens.

Nothing wrong with that, obviously. It’s just illegal in most countries (but somehow legal in Ukraine).


90% of the wealth and people of the rich are in London or Switzerland.
(I guess that we can say the same about Russians).


The three ministers appointed by Ukraine's parliament in November 2014 are all foreigners:

The Secretary of the Treasury is American;
The Minister of Health is Georgian;
The Minister of Economy is Lithuanian;
The former president of Georgia was the governor of Odessa;

The last president, Petro Poroshenko, claimed by Russia to be a CIA informant.
I checked the maximum I could. I did not find evidence to support this claim. All what I found is that it is a smart guy, that did a lot to develop Ukraine for the better.

As for the grassroots troops, many frontline commanders are American and have joined Ukraine in recent years.

In terms of quantitative statistics, the indicators are like this:

1. 80% of senior officials hold U.S. citizenship (dual citizenship is legal).

2. 90% of the wealth of the rich are in Europe and the United States.

3. Zelensky has a mansion and huge assets in the United States. (Me too. So what. I am loyal only to the true, regardless who is comfortable with it or not).

What is the ultimate goal of so many people with American and Western European nationalities infiltrating Ukraine? No idea. Easy to fall into conspiracy theory, or to be fulled be no believing the obvious because it sound conspiratorial.

I don’t have more facts to answer this important question. ItHe more I know about Ukraine politic, the less I understand.

One thing for sure, the Ukraine government-just like Russia, USA and UK- is not of the people, not by the people, for the people. Not the Ukraine people that’s for sure.

Because, in my very personal and very unpopular opinion, by joining NATO instead of remaining neutral zone as Boris Yeltsin and Mikhail Gorbachev agreed with Ukraine as well as with USA, an agreement that Putin insist to respect, is not against US interest, not against Europe interest and not against Ukraine interest.

So this war is not started when Putin hit back against breaking this agreement, and in my view, there is no valid reason nor benefit for any Ukraine that is loyal to his country, to support this war by insisting to break the good old and peaceful world order as was before Ukraine decided to take a side against Russian national security.

Stop this useless war by turning back to the status quo that USA, Ukraine and Russia agreed about before Zelensky, Putin and Biden.

It worked for everybody so perfect. Why we need this war to “fix” it?

* We got this info from a reliable source, however, I took of from what I got few things that I found not accurate. If you have any better information, please add to the comments below, and help me to make it even more accurate.


Anthony 248 days ago
Couldn't find Andre Bodin, Sergey Sheffey in any article besides this... not even wikipedia, although the whole cabinet is listed there. :)
I doubt that this site is legit not gonna lie...
Lee 261 days ago
Think massive corruption...ML and CT highly suspect. and the biolsbs recently proven to be there with US money involved. now why would US sunk money into biolsbs across the ocean. what worries me is the infighting in ukraine and suspect some kinda farleft group involved in the ingoing killing elwithin ukraine. 14000 i believe. needless to say western politicians seem to "flock there". just sayin what it looks like from the little we know
Oh ya 266 days ago
A very good and honest article. Ukraine is one of the most corrupt countries in the world, thats why the Biden family is so heavily involved there $83g a month for Hunter and 10% for the big guy


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