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Monday, Apr 19, 2021

Whistleblowers will be penalised for baseless reports

Whistleblowers will be penalised for baseless reports

The Whistleblowers Act - which will, among other things, reward persons who report individuals involved in corrupt practices - was today introduced in the House of Assembly.
The legislation allows any public officer or private worker to be able to legally make reports without penalised by the employer.

But while giving more details on the Bill on Thursday, Premier Andrew Fahie warned that whistleblowers must have evidence if bringing a report.

“There is a reward for the person if the information that they have brought to the officials is of worth. But there is also a penalty for the person if they brought information that has no basis or no evidence,” Premier Fahie explained.

The Bill also provides for the identity of a whistleblower to be protected.

In the meantime, Premier Fahie said the Whistleblowers Act 2021 is part of a suite of good-governance legislation his administration plans to introduce.

The bill is introduced at a time when his government is being investigated in a UK-sanctioned Commission of Inquiry.

Premier has made it clear his government was not instructed or pressured in any way to implement this legislation.

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