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Thursday, Jun 17, 2021

'Who has the guts to march on HOA?' Prolonged curfew vexes Rosan-Jones

Outspoken resident and television talk show host, Cindy Rosan-Jones has taken to social media to incite an impromptu protest at the House of Assembly, which is scheduled to reconvene today, Friday, July 31.

Rosan-Jones is seemingly incensed that Cabinet has decided to extend the ‘midnight to 5 am’ curfew for another two weeks.

While the current midnight curfew has been in place since June 17, the territory has been under a curfew order of some kind for roughly four months now.

“Who has the balls and ballginas to march on the House of Assembly today? Today could be a day of revolutionary pushback. Who has the guts to stand and demand answers? Why are we under a curfew? Time to lift it,” Rosan-Jones said in a Facebook post that captioned images about oppression and human rights violations.

Up to press time, that post had generated more than three dozen reactions to include ‘likes’, comments, and ‘shares’; most of which seemed to be in support her sentiments.

According to the latest curfew order posted on government’s official newsletter, the gazette, published on Thursday, the answer to Rosan-Jones’ question on ‘why’ there is a still a curfew is, “for the purposes of controlling, suppressing or preventing the spread of COVID-19 and for the protection of all persons within the territory”.

Latest COVID-19 scare

Just days ago, the BVI had a COVID-19 scare in which the entire island of Jost Van Dyke was placed under lockdown. This was after government received news that an individual, who was recently visited the sister island, tested positive for COVID-19 upon departing the BVI and arriving in St Vincent.

That person had slipped under government’s proverbial radar while still the BVI, Health Minister Carvin Malone indicated.

Since that time, however, all known residents and recent visitors of Jost Van Dyke have been tested for the virus but they all returned negative results.

Excluding the case who left the territory and tested positive in St Vincent, the BVI has recorded eight COVID-19 cases to date. All recovered except one who died from coronavirus-related symptoms.

There currently are no known active cases of the COVID-19 in the BVI.


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