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Thursday, Aug 18, 2022

Why gov’t is having public meetings on COI reforms after UK approval

Why gov’t is having public meetings on COI reforms after UK approval

Despite already submitting and receiving approval from the United Kingdom on its proposals about how to implement the many reforms recommended by Commission of Inquiry (COI), the Virgin Islands government is now having public meetings on those proposals and Premier Dr Natalio Wheatley says this is to ensure the people are a part of the implementation process.
Dr Wheatley said his government wants to inform the public about what is in the proposals.

“All of these matters involved in the proposals must be consulted about and of course, the public must be a part of those consultations. Of course, regarding various matters in the proposals, the groups that will be consulted will be different. If some of them must deal with the public service, those stakeholders will be consulted,” Dr Wheatley explained.

“But there are some areas of the proposal that will require consultation with the wider public. We want people to be aware of those things and also to know the reasons why we had to act the way we acted and to get the public’s feedback on how they feel about everything that has happened thus far and give them the opportunity to speak about that and to engage their representatives,” he added.

The Premier noted the government is planning an online meeting for people who are unable to attend the public meetings as none of the ones previously held were streamed. He said the government hopes to announce details on that shortly.

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