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Wednesday, Jan 26, 2022

Why is McMaster still acting as RDA CEO nearly two years on?

Why is McMaster still acting as RDA CEO nearly two years on?

Fourth District Representative, Mark Vanterpool has questioned why the Recovery & Development Agency’s (RDA) Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Anthony McMaster, is still serving in an acting capacity after nearly two years in the job.

Vanterpool suggested that this was in contrast to the previous CEO who was made substantive in the post immediately upon being appointed.

“We appointed the first CEO of the RDA and we appointed him [fully]. But we appointed the second CEO, a BVIslander and we ‘acting appointed’ him,” Vanterpool said yesterday while delivering remarks at the contract signing for the redevelopment of the Elmore Stoutt High School (ESHS) campus in Lower Estate.

“How come we were able to find a man over in Fiji or somewhere, bring him and make him the CEO and we have to make our person here acting?” Vanterpool questioned.

Vanterpool said he made McMaster what he is in his ministry when he served as the Minister of Communication & Works in the previous National Democratic Party (NDP) government.

McMaster, who formerly served as the Permanent Secretary (PS) in that ministry, was appointed as acting RDA CEO in March 2020.

“He was my PS when we moved mountains and we didn’t listen to the Opposition to build the cruise pier,” Vanterpool added.

Take McMaster out of ‘Hollywood’

The legislator further said that under the stewardship of McMaster as PS, the ministry was able to get a lot of work done.

“I want you to get that acting thing off him and let him come from ‘Hollywood’ to Tortola,“ Vanterpool said to Premier Andrew Fahie who was also in attendance.

Premier Fahie also had high praises for the former Permanent Secretary and now CEO, but denied that he had given him the acting title.

In his remarks, Premier Fahie expressed confidence in the work of local contractors, especially when the work was managed by the RDA which is a unit that comes under the Premier’s Office.

“We have seen a large volume of projects, some very ambitious, being completed early or on time with quality work and good budget management and this is happening under the leadership of our very own Anthony McMaster,” Premier Fahie said.

“And for the record, I didn’t give him the acting [title] but I hope to remove it under our stewardship,” the Premier added.


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