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Sunday, Nov 29, 2020

Will Anyone Lease the Airport Restaurant?

Will Anyone Lease the Airport Restaurant?

Persons who missed the call to bid for a chance to operate the restaurant that is located at the Terrance B Lettsome International Airport are being granted another opportunity since a new tender invitation for the same restaurant has been issued.
This new tender document comes months after the previous owners vacated the premises.

While the details were sketchy as to why the restaurant suddenly became vacant, the then new BVI Airports Authority (BVIAA) Board made a move to fill the vacancy by issuing a tender for the operation of the restaurant that is located on next to the security checkpoint on the ground floor of the terminal building.

At the time the BVIAA noted that interested persons should submit tender for a full service restaurant at the airport by July 31. Further the July document stated that tenders for the restaurant “will not be received after that date".

However, a similiar call is being made again. This time interesting persons were told that they have up to November 15 to make a case for the spot.

In both documents it was explained that the floor space available for the restaurant is 1840 sq ft and comes equipped with kitchen appliances and dining furniture with seating capacity for approximately 35 persons.

Additionally, bidders were asked to note that opening hours of the restaurant is expected to coincide with Airport operating hours and that they will be allowed to operate the Restaurant for an initial period of three years.

The interested applicants are required to submit expected rental rates for the restaurant, although the final rental cost will be determined solely by the BVI Airports Authority. In addition to a number of documents there was also a non-refundable fee of $500.00.

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