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Wednesday, Nov 25, 2020

Winners awarded in Cedar Tree Press 2020 literary competition

Winners awarded in Cedar Tree Press 2020 literary competition

The Presentation of winners and awards in the Cedar Tree Press 2020 literary competition founded by Ms Verna Penn Moll was held on Thursday, Oct 22nd at Penns Landing, East End, Tortola.
The poetry 1st prize went to ‘A Small Place’ by Medita Wheatley and in 2nd place was ‘One Race’ by Denesha Wheatley- Jennings

Other persons awarded for their achievement in poetry, were Beverly Donovan, Marilin Bass, Dierdra Wheatley- Peters, Linette Rabsatt, Delores Rhymer- Garrin, Mitchelle Jennings, and Toyer Fahie.

The short story 1st prize went to ‘To Feel God’ by Dierdra Wheatley – Peters and in 2nd place was ‘Fun In Summer Time’ by Marilin Bass. Linette Rabsatt was also awarded for her story, ‘A Bird’s Life’

All the speakers brought encouraging greetings and beneficial remarks to the gathering.

Speakers included; Opposition Leader and Member for the 8th District the Hon Marlon Penn; Dr. Allison Flax Archer, Secretary-General for UNESCO and Dr. Patricia Turnbull, Author, Lecturer and Adjudicator.

The proceedings were streamed to the public and can be viewed on Facebook at Bill Penn live.

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