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Saturday, Sep 18, 2021

Woman alleges she was beaten by brother-sister duo

Woman alleges she was beaten by brother-sister duo

A Huntums Ghut man and his sister narrowly escaped arrest after a woman filed a police report claiming that she was physically assaulted by the sibling-duo.

It’s understood that the alleged male attacker and the female victim were in a relationship that recently ended.

According to reports reaching our news centre, the female victim was at a local nightclub when the siblings showed up and called her outside.

It’s also alleged that the woman went outside believing that her ex-boyfriend was going to pay her money he owed.

However, the woman was allegedly attacked by the siblings as soon as she stepped outside the nightclub.

Ex-boyfriend denies claims

After a report was filed with the police, BVI News understands that the cops went in search of the ex-boyfriend but upon finding him, he gave a different account of the events that occurred.

The man reportedly said he went to the nightclub to pay the money he owed his ex. When he called her outside to make the exchange, the woman reportedly refused to take the cash and began to argue instead.

BVI News understands that the man also told the police that he was slapped and assaulted by his ex-girlfriend but did not retaliate.

The man also reportedly admitted that he left his sister and the alleged victim at the scene and later told that the two women had a fight.

BVI News understands that all parties were cautioned but no arrests were made.


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