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Monday, May 16, 2022

Women Targeted In Attacks Involving Mentally Ill

Women Targeted In Attacks Involving Mentally Ill

The Royal Virgin Islands Police Force (RVIPF) said it seeing another rise in reports of incidents involving persons with mental illness or those displaying similar behaviour.
On Wednesday evening, February 22, a Long Bush female resident reported that she responded to a knock at her door around 9:30pm. A man entered and tried to force himself on her.

According to police, persons in the area responded to her cries for help and the perpetrator who appeared to be unbalanced was apprehended and taken to the Behavioural Ward of the Dr. D. Orlando Smith Hospital for evaluation.

Both the female victim and the person who came to her aid received injuries in the scuffle.

"At least three females reported being grabbed or nearly grabbed by a known mentally ill male over the last two weeks. Two of the incidents were in the Road Town area and another was at Long Bay, Beef Island," Police stated.

Over a week ago, a male destroyed the windscreens of 26 vehicles parked in the Dr. D. Orlando Smith Hospital parking lot with a stick. He is presently under observations at the Behavioural Ward of the hospital.

A few days later, the owner of another three vehicles found motor oil thrown on their vehicles while parked adjacent to Republic Bank.

"While charges cannot be brought against persons confirmed to be mentally ill by law, the RVIPF is asking that persons report any such incidents immediately so the individual can be apprehended. Persons should also be watchful of the environs," the police pointed out.

The RVIPF reported a rise in such incidents in August of 2021.

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