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Thursday, Oct 29, 2020

Works expected to begin on the Admin Complex in coming days, roof repair phase to kick off

Works expected to begin on the Admin Complex in coming days, roof repair phase to kick off

Renovations on the Central Administration Complex is expected to begin within the next few days as two contractors have already been given the nod to carry out works on one of the phases of the project.
This was revealed by Minister of Transportation, Works & Utilities Kye Rymer during a recent statement which was published on October 7.

He said preliminary activities regarding the project had already started.

“On September 20, acceptance letters were issued from the government to two contractors to repair the roof and to demolish and replace the skylights respectively. Cleaning and removal of the remaining membrane on the roof will begin in a few days in preparation for the works to begin,” Minister Rymer stated

He further said: “Strict conditions have been included in the contracts to ensure that this phase of the project is completed in 90 days.”

Minister Rymer also said a number of additional works which are currently awaiting approval from Cabinet before they can proceed.

These include the clearing of contaminated debris, furniture and other articles from the basement of the building and also the sanitisation of the basement while restoring any files that can be cleaned and salvaged.

Rymer further said the tender documents for the removal and replacement of the glazing, windows and doors of the building will continue to be in circulation for the next two months.

He said he is hoping local contractors come forward and bid on that project as government is confident in their ability to get the job done.

Once the building is completed, it is expected to be able to withstand the impacts of various hazards and will incorporate smart technology.

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