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Wednesday, Dec 08, 2021

World Health Organization becomes US-China battleground

In March 2020, coronavirus infections began to soar around the world. But the World Health Organization was slow to react. It’s now accused of being a mouthpiece for China, and praising the transparency of the country’s government.
Can the World Health Organization be salvaged? Diplomatic circles are increasingly skeptical. A new cold war has been stirring between the US and China, and the COVID-19 crisis — which began in Wuhan, China — has only made things worse.

The WHO is accused of playing down the onset of China’s epidemic in its reporting, and delaying the international response as a result. How could this have happened? And why has the world failed to get a handle on the COVID-19 pandemic?

This documentary examines the history of the WHO, from its establishment after World War II, to the triumph of antibiotics and the eradication of smallpox. During the last 20 years, China’s growing influence has rocked the foundations of this prestigious organization.

But is that solely responsible for its failures? Numerous voices have warned of problems at the WHO in recent years, deeming it no longer fit to protect the world. Will the crisis trigger some overdue reforms? What’s in store for the WHO post coronavirus?

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