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World's top 10 richest people:

World's top 10 richest people:

This is the public list of the richest people in the world. Of course, this list does not include the much richer people, such as Rothschild, Sultans, kings, rulers, EU and US politicians and residents of Monaco, Switzerland, Nigeria, Thailand, Singapore and of course China, who do not show-off their wealth but are focused on preserving and increasing it by real and solid business and not through public relations and stock exchange bubble.

🇫🇷Bernard Arnault: $180.1b
🇺🇸Elon Musk: $155.7b
🇮🇳Gautam Adani: $126.9b
🇺🇸Jeff Bezos: $110b
🇺🇸Warren Buffet: $107.3b 
🇺🇸Bill Gates: $104.3b 
🇺🇸Larry Ellison: $102.8b
🇮🇳Mukesh Ambani: $90.6b
🇲🇽Carlos Slim Helu: $82.1b
🇺🇸Steve Ballmer: $79.7b

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