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Tuesday, Dec 06, 2022

Years outstanding! Police demand payment of increments, allowances

Years outstanding! Police demand payment of increments, allowances

The Executive of the Police Welfare Association (PWA) has called for the relevant authorities to implement the necessary systems and functions to ensure all members are paid their outstanding increments and allowances.

Chairman of the PWA, Acting Inspector Sean McCall, said the association wants all its members paid in time for May 31, 2022, pay period.

“The Police Welfare Association and its members understand the technical nature of the process involved. However, the members have been extremely patient, diligent, and tolerant in their attempts to bring some resolve to these ailing and ageing issues of non-payment,” Acting Inspector McCall said.

“These issues and discrepancies with payment, which in some cases span a period of over two years, are matters of grave concern and rather troubling as it lends their contribution to the existing annoyance, frustration, and poor morale of its members who are no doubt disgruntled,” the Chairman continued.

Lack of proper procedure

Acting Inspector McCall told BVI News he understands the issue of increments is not for a lack of funding from the government but a lack of proper procedure which starts at the police Force’s Human Resources Department.

“It is an administrative problem which we have been working through for some time now. If I should say what happens when these increments are paid, a letter should be generated from our HR Department. That letter now goes down to the central HR Department for processing. Now, for some time now, every time increments are paid, the police are placed at the back of the bus,” the PWA Chairman said.

“Why? Because of total inefficiency and it is not just incremented. Police are owed allowances that they have not gotten for years. And it is simply because there are inefficiencies that nobody wants to address. We have been very patient. We have been very tolerant. We have been writing and dialoguing and it seems to me that everything is going at a snail’s pace. The police deserve better. So, whatever the issues are, they need to fix it,” McCall said.

He noted the executive of the PWA will meet and determine its next move if the demands are not met. McCall added that the association will also meet with its members as things will not be done arbitrarily.

“We have been meticulous. We have been pursuing this issue for a long time. Can you imagine some officers have been active for a year and have not gotten a dime? You must realise the prices in the supermarkets affects the police officers like anyone else. Therefore, we need to be treated properly and our issues must be dealt with as a matter of urgency and somebody needs to speak up and speak out,” McCall added.

The Chairman said the PWA will continue to advocate for its members to be treated fairly and with some level of priority as the police force forms a major supporting pillar for the Virgin Islands’ national security.

“The Police Welfare Association remains committed and dedicated to its members in the toughest of times. Equally, we stand dedicated and committed to our role and functions to the safety and security of the communities in the Virgin Islands,” McCall stated.


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