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Yemen's Houthi Islamic Rebels Attack British Oil Tanker in Gulf of Aden

The Iran-aligned Houthi rebels from Yemen struck the British oil tanker "Marlin Luanda" with missiles, igniting the vessel in the Gulf of Aden, a key maritime trade route. This assault is the latest of their attacks targeting global shipping.
Concurrently, US forces intercepted a Houthi missile aimed at a US Navy ship, with these events occurring amid heightened regional tensions due to the Israel-Hamas conflict. Joint US-UK military operations and additional US airstrikes are underway to curb Houthi threats to shipping in the Red Sea.

Despite these efforts, the Houthi spokesman, Yahya Saree, affirmed their resolve to keep attacking, with the recent strike directly setting the tanker ablaze. However, maritime risk firm Ambrey confirmed the crew's safety following the incident.

The US military reported no casualties or damage when defending the USS Carney destroyer against a Houthi missile. The Houthi faction has extended their target spectrum to include US and UK assets, justifying their campaign as support for Palestinians.

The shipping realm, already reeling from Covid-19 challenges, faces further disruptions. Some vessels now opt for the longer, costlier path around South Africa's Cape of Good Hope, avoiding the Red Sea where about 12% of global maritime trade transits.

The US has intensified efforts to constrain the Houthis, reinstating their designation as a terrorist group and pushing for increased international protection of Red Sea shipping lanes.

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