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‘You can’t have progress in confusion’- Darrell Ruan Jr

Chairman of the Anegada Advisory Lands Committee Mr Darrell Ruan Jr. has made the commitment to work together with the Virgin Islands Party (VIP) Government in an effort to advance the cause of the people in the Ninth District.

Speaking at the District Nine Action Group Town Hall Meeting and Membership Drive held at the Catholic Community Centre on May 3, 2023, Mr Ruan Jr urged members to focus on 5 pillars of development, which he listed as healthcare, banking, education, transportation and food security.

The meeting was conducted to chart the way forward with the process of membership and ventilating various ideas of focus for the Ninth District.

Among the persons affiliated with the Group are former legislator Shereen D. Flax-Charles and her sister Sharon P. Flax-Brutus.

Among the persons affiliated with the 9th District Action Group are former legislator Shereen D. Flax-Charles, right, and her sister Sharon P. Flax-Brutus, left.

‘There is no reason why we can’t come together’- Darrell Ruan Jr

“There is nothing wrong with trusting the people we elected. I know, me and Honourable Vincent Wheatley did not start out as the best of friends. There was a lot of tension, there was a lot of turmoil, but two words changed all of that- October 24 of 2021, and those words were ‘clean slate.’ That’s when the democracy and conversations started to happen and putting aside the foolishness…because you can’t have progress in confusion,” Mr Ruan Jr noted.

He added that since then, the people’s voices are being heard whenever they bring their issues to light and there has not been any hiccups since.

“I, Chairman Ruan would say publicly, there has never been a hiccup with us and the government since then…There is no reason why we can’t come together, sit down, work together, put aside all our differences, write down ten main points…and like Miss Flax- Brutus say, write a position paper; speak to the representative, work with him. That’s what we vote him there for, work with him. But for us to sit back and think that we don’t have a role to play in this, we fooling ourself,” he continued.

Mr Ruan Jr, one of the activists at the forefront of issues on Anegada, further encouraged residents and leaders of the Ninth District to ‘hold the crown’ and for Anegada and Virgin Gorda to charge ahead in the same direction as a collective.

The committee is yet to decide on whether to form a Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) or to re-establish as Virgin Gorda Rock, an action group that started following the passage of hurricane Irma in 2017.

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