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Monday, Nov 28, 2022

ZBVI awards General Knowledge Quiz winners and participants

ZBVI awards General Knowledge Quiz winners and participants

Waking up early mornings to do research and phone-ins on time has paid off for ZBVI’s Quiz Kids. ZBVI recently recognised the accomplishments of the General Knowledge Quiz participants.
The top students and their parents, along with sponsors and supporters, were recognized at a pizza party at Virgin Queen in Road Town.

Anniah Williams from the BVI Seventh Day Adventist School claimed the top spot, and there was a tie for second place with three students: DeJoie Sebastian of Elmore Stoutt High School, Elyon Jones of the BVI Seventh Day Adventist School and Analisa Percel of Cedar International.

Two students tied for third place, Ryan Prince of the BVI Seventh Day Adventist School and Teshae Baptiste of the Elmore Stoutt High School. Managing Director at ZBVI Delker Herbert Vardilos told the students that they can achieve whatever goals they set.

She reminded the parents and students of how important the quiz and celebration were to her father, the late Merrit Herbert, who originated the General Knowledge Quiz many years ago and was very passionate about seeing young people grow.

Herbert Vardilos thanked the parents, the quiz’s sponsors and supporters, ZBVI’s staff and the community for continuing to support the children.

“We remain grateful for the investment from the sponsors, the community, the staff of ZBVI, and the parents. With all of our efforts, we can help the territory’s young people build knowledge and a strong foundation for the future. My father was very passionate about seeing young people grow, and so am I. It’s important to continue this legacy.”

Herbert Vardilos spoke about the need for persons in the engineering field as well as Media and Communications overall.

“One of the things we are struggling with at ZBVI is finding persons in the field of engineering locally. So if I need my tower fixed, I have to look for someone probably in the US or St Thomas,” added Herbert Vardilos.

She told the students that they have so much talent, and she challenged them further.

“If you love communications, go away, study and come back and help us out.” The guest speaker, Michael Frett, a previous ‘Quiz Kid,’ shared a few words at the gathering. He encouraged students to become familiar with current events.

“Know what is going on around you, and apply that knowledge in your daily life. It is a continuous process.”

Frett urged students to study less familiar areas and to yearn for the information by setting goals and studying regularly.

“I applaud the late Mr Herbert and his team at ZBVI for the quiz, what it has produced and the information that has been shared with the students. I trust it continues on for many many years,” Frett added.

“And maybe I’ll visit in 20 years with a cane and talk about when I was at Virgin Queen sharing some information,” he commented further, evoking laughter from the audience.

Herbert Vardilos encouraged students to read books and not allow electronic tools to always be their ‘go-to’ option. She also referenced exciting changes to the quiz format for the upcoming school year.

The General Knowledge Quiz is sponsored by J&C Trading, James Todman Construction Company, Hon. Marlon Penn, Hon. Melvin Mitch Turnbull, Hon. Julian Fraser, Newton Construction, and LJD VI Block. Mrs Gracia Stevens serves as the judge for the quiz.

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