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Zelensky Says 31,000 Ukrainian Soldiers Killed In 2 Years Of War With Russia

President Volodymyr Zelensky reports that 31,000 Ukrainian troops have perished over two years of conflict with Russia.
On the second anniversary of the invasion, during a press briefing in Kyiv, Zelensky underscored Ukraine's reliance on Western support, expressing confidence in the US Congress passing a vital military aid package currently hindered by Republican resistance.

Zelensky emphasized that Ukraine's fate and potential casualties are tied to support from Western allies. Amid ammunition shortages and stalled US aid, he stated that positive action from Congress is expected, as the alternative world is unfathomable to him.

Directly addressing military fatalities, Zelensky contested exaggerated Russian claims, making a pointed reference to Putin's misinformation. He lamented each Ukrainian death as a heavy loss.

On dialogue with Putin, Zelensky questioned the feasibility, citing the Russian leader's tactic of eliminating adversaries, alluding to the recent death of Putin's critic Alexei Navalny in prison.

Humorously critiquing Russia's presidential election, Zelensky hinted at a desire to end Putin's reign before the projected 2030 milestone.

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