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Thursday, Oct 22, 2020

BVI In Miss World Top 40, Captures Top Sport Award

BVI In Miss World Top 40, Captures Top Sport Award

For the first time the British Virgin Islands has made it to the Top 40 of the Miss World Pageant. The announcement came from London, United Kingdom where the 2019 Sports Challenge competition was held today November 28.
Miss World BVI 2019, Rikkiya Brathwaite emerged victorious and won the title of Miss World 2019 Top Sports Woman. The final tally saw Miss World Nigeria coming in Second place, and Miss World Trinidad and Tobago at Third Place.

The day of the Sports Challenge is referred to as Miss World’s International Sports Day, and the competition features various grueling physical activities that the Organization said is designed to unveil which contestant is fastest, and strongest.

Over 30 contestants competed in the Sports Challenge as part of four teams – Red Team, Green Team, Yellow Team and Blue Team. Miss World BVI was part of the Green Team.

In order to qualify for the Sports Challenge and given the privilege of representing their team, contestants had to participate in the dreaded Bleep test. The bleep test is a multi-stage fitness test in which the contestants complete 20 meter shuttle runs in time with the bleeps until the bleeps get too quick for them.

In describing the test, the Miss World Organization said, “it might look easy but this is a maximal test which is designed to really push their fitness limits.”

Following the announcement of her win Rikkiya told the Miss World BVI Committee, “I’m honestly very overwhelmed. I’m not an athlete by any means! I gave up track and field at the age of seven for ballet shoes and a stage, but I come from a very athletic family so it must still be somewhere in my DNA. I am just truly grateful to come from a Territory with a competitive heart when it comes to sports.”

She said that she is being fueled by Territorial pride as she embarks on the various challenges.

“Entering each event, I carried the notion that the BVI maybe small, and may not be easily recognized in a competition with 130 girls, but we have an enormous and resilient heart; and that notion gave me the confidence to compete only for the number one spot! Because the BVI is number one in my heart,” Rikkiya stated.

Some of the other participating countries in the Sports Challenge were: Angola, Cook Islands, Equatorial Guinea, Guadeloupe, Haiti, Luxembourg, Moldova, Panama, Canada, England, France, Japan, Sierra Leone, Aruba, Belarus, Costa Rica, Georgia, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, USA, Honduras, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Northern Ireland, Portugal, Scotland, Spain, and Uganda.

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