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Covid Inquiry Sheds Light on Decision-Making Process in Scotland

The UK Covid Inquiry is examining Scotland's pandemic responses, with sessions in Edinburgh until February 1.
Key figures, including ex-First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and former health officials, will testify. This is the first time the inquiry has moved outside London since its 2022 inception.

It will scrutinize Scotland's cautious strategies and whether decisions differed due to political influences or scientific counsel. The Scottish government has provided extensive documentation, including WhatsApp messages, for review.

Scotland's choices had limits, as UK-wide initiatives like testing and furloughs were managed by Westminster. Scotland's independent actions on local restrictions are under evaluation for their effectiveness and motives.

The inquiry will also look into leadership and compliance issues, noting Scotland's Chief Medical Officer Catherine Calderwood's resignation over lockdown violations.

The inquiry aims to assess the actual impact of Scotland's distinct policies on Covid outcomes. Ultimately, both the UK and separate Scottish inquiries seek to derive lessons for future crises.

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