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Thursday, Oct 29, 2020

DR, USVI, USA & UK among countries persons prohibited to enter BVI

According to Immigration & Passport (Prohibition of Entry) Order

Cabinet of the Virgin Islands has listed a number of countries, including the USA, US Virgin Islands, United Kingdom and Dominican Republic, where travel to the Virgin Islands is currently prohibited.

The list is included in the Immigration and Passport (Prohibition of Entry) (No. 7) Order, 2020. (2) published in the Virgin Islands Official Gazette today, June 2, 2020, the same day the Order comes into force.

According to the Order, “A person visiting the Virgin Islands from or through any of the countries listed in the Schedule to these Regulations, shall be prohibited from entering the Virgin Islands from the date this Order comes into force until the 16th day of June, 2020, unless the time period prescribed herein is extended by the Governor by Order after consultation with the Minister, for such further period as may be specified."


Virgin Islanders, Belongers, Permanent Residents and Naturalized Citizens to the Territory are exempted from this Order.

Cabinet had previously decided that from June 2 up to June 15, 2020, the first priority will be given to the re-entry of nationals, belongers, holders of permanent residence and naturalised citizens, who upon registration and certification by the Environmental Health Division, are deemed to have approved private quarantinable accommodation for occupancy for at least a 14-day-period.

Meanwhile, the countries listed seem to be those that have been grappling to contain or have failed to properly manage the spread of the Novel Coronavirus, the virus that causes COVID-19.

The Virgin Islands currently has no active cases of COVID-19.

Below is the list of countries as published in the Official Gazette:

1. China; 2. Italy; 3. Iran; 4. South Korea; 5. France; 6. Spain; 7. Germany; 8. United States of America; 9. United Kingdom; 10. Switzerland; 11. Norway; 12. Turkey; 13. Belgium; 14. Netherlands; 15. Canada; 16. Austria; 17. Portugal; 18. Israel; 19. Sweden; 20. Brazil; 21. Dominican Republic; 22. Argentina; 23. Costa Rica; 24. Cuba; 25. Puerto Rico; 26. USVI; 27. Guadeloupe; 28. Martinique; 29. Australia; 30. Russia; 31. Ireland; 32. Czechia; 33. Chile; 34. Denmark; 35. Poland; 36. Romania; 37. Malaysia; 38. Ecuador; and 39. Any other country as may be listed by notice in the Gazette by Cabinet.


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