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Apple warns against drying iPhones with rice

Apple cautions against using rice to dry a wet iPhone, a method popularized as an easy fix.
Experts and tests have shown it's ineffective and the company now states rice grains can actually damage the device.

Instead, Apple advises gently tapping the phone with the connector facing down and leaving it to air dry.

The company also recommends against using external heat sources or compressed air like radiators and hairdryers. Inserting objects like cotton swabs or paper towels into the phone is discouraged as well. Apple suggests placing the wet phone in a well-ventilated area before charging it.

With technological advances, new models like the iPhone 12 and later are designed to be water-resistant up to six meters for 30 minutes.

Although future devices may eliminate the need for water damage remedies, the thriving second-hand mobile market means many users will still benefit from knowing the do's and don'ts of handling wet smartphones.

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