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Dutch Parliament Contemplates Initial Steps Toward Requesting King to Pay Income Tax

The Dutch Parliament will soon vote on a motion to start the process of amending the constitution, which could require King Willem-Alexander and his family to pay income tax.
Sandra Beckerman of the Socialist Party cleverly referred to the issue as "a blue envelope for blue blood" during the discussion.

The motion, expected to be voted on Tuesday, needs a simple majority to move forward and calls for the government to draft an amendment that would later require a two-thirds majority in both parliamentary houses to be enacted.

While the proposal seems to have adequate support in the House of Representatives, its fate in the Senate is uncertain. Although the largest party there, the Farmer-Citizen Movement, showed interest in the debate, it has not fully endorsed the motion.

Nationalist politician Geert Wilders supports the change, while outgoing Prime Minister Mark Rutte believes it is too complex.

Proponents of taxing the royal family hope the formation of a new government could tilt opinions in their favor. Currently, the royal family receives a combination of tax-exempt public funds and private income, which is partly taxed.

In 2024, the royal family is set to receive €11.6 million in allowances, with Princess Amalia, studying at the University of Amsterdam, pledging to return her €1.8 million share while she remains a student.

Following travel controversies during the COVID-19 pandemic, public support for the monarchy has slipped to 55%, down from 70% before the pandemic, with only 46% of people expressing confidence in the king, according to a NOS poll.

This debate comes years after Britain's Queen Elizabeth decided to pay income tax in 1992 amidst scrutiny of royal wealth.

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