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Tuesday, Oct 04, 2022

France sees 100,000 daily COVID cases for first time

France sees 100,000 daily COVID cases for first time

France’s third straight day of record cases comes amid thousands of flights cancelled worldwide on Christmas weekend.
Commercial airlines around the world cancelled more than 5,700 flights over the Christmas weekend according to a flight tracker website, as a mounting wave of coronavirus infections driven by the Omicron variant created greater uncertainty and misery for holiday travellers.

On Saturday, Pope Francis prayed for an end to the COVID-19 pandemic, using his Christmas Day address to urge vaccines for the poor and health care for all.

“Grant health to the infirm and inspire all men and women of good will to seek the best ways possible to overcome the current health crisis and its effects,” Francis said in his address.

MHogan 281 days ago
Cases, schmases. The end to Rt-PRC tests can’t come fast enough. Notice they don’t report “breakthrough”, asymptomatic, Omicron, mild cold-like … just “cases”. Meaningless blather to ignore and get on with life. Enough already with fear propaganda .. it’s getting old
Oh ya 281 days ago
ADE setting in. This will become the norm and the goverments and news will make a big deal over the sick and never tell you the truth


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