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Tuesday, Oct 03, 2023


Drone Attack on Moscow's Wealthiest Neighborhoods Suspected to be Launched by Ukraine

A series of drone attacks that hit Moscow's wealthiest neighborhoods in Russia on Tuesday, suspected to be launched by Ukraine.
The Kremlin labeled the attack a "terrorist attack" and claimed that it shot down five drones and electronically jammed three.

Ukrainian officials took pleasure in the strike, and the Foreign Secretary, James Cleverly, has backed Ukraine's right to project force beyond its borders.

Russia's defense ministry said it shot down five drones and electronically jammed three.

Russia's President, Vladimir Putin, appeared on television to say Russia's air defenses had "successfully reacted to the attack." Although Putin did not personally respond to the drone strike on the Kremlin earlier this year, he admitted there were "things to work on" as the war hit home in the most sheltered areas of the city.

The US did not back military action inside Russia "as a general matter," according to a State Department spokesperson.

The drones hit areas such as Rublyovka, known as Moscow's Beverly Hills, and Grinfield, where the chief of Gazprom, the Russian gas giant, has a mansion.

Some drones detonated as they struck power lines and crashed.

The Russian authorities immediately sought to downplay the wave of drone strikes, with a spokesman for Putin saying the attack caused no damage or civilian casualties, blaming Kyiv for the assault in response to "our effective strikes on one of the command centres" in Ukraine on Sunday.

A group of drones carrying explosives attacked Moscow, causing widespread damage and injuries.

The perpetrator of the attack has not been officially identified, but some speculate that it was carried out by Ukraine as a retaliation for Ukraine's involvement in the conflict.

The drones used in the attack have a range of over 800 km and can carry up to 20 kg of explosives.

Russian lawmaker Andrei Gurulev said that Muscovites are more likely to be hit by an e-scooter than a drone, but ultra-nationalist commentators like Yevgeny Prigozhin expressed anger with the military for allowing the breach.

Some residents of Rublyovka, a wealthy neighborhood in Moscow, have taken to social media to express their disbelief and fear.

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