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Joe Biden criticised by Trump campaign for declaring Transgender Day of Visibility on Easter Sunday

Trump's campaign criticized President Joe Biden for designating Transgender Day of Visibility on the same day as Easter Sunday, arguing it disrespects Christian celebrations.
Despite annual observance on March 31 since 2009, criticism arose due to this year's coincidence with the religious holiday. Biden, affirming the importance of recognizing transgender Americans, faced backlash including demands for an apology from the campaign of his predecessor, Donald Trump, for allegedly assaulting Christian faith. House Speaker Mike Johnson also condemned the decision.

However, the White House defended Biden, underscoring his commitment to unity and the dignity of all Americans, highlighting his deep-rooted Catholic faith and active church participation.

Biden's stance on certain issues has previously sparked debates within conservative Christian circles, contrasting with Trump's accusations of Biden's anti-religious agenda. Amidst the controversy, Biden continues to embrace traditions like the White House Easter Egg Roll, emphasizing his connection to both faith and inclusive values.
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