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Labour: Young people will be expected to take up work and training

Labour's Shadow Work Secretary, Liz Kendall, will announce that young people must engage in work or training, as there will be no tolerance for an idle life on benefits.
In an upcoming speech, she is set to emphasize Labour's commitment to investing in youth skills and careers, with an expectation for the youth to fulfill their end of the bargain.

Labour has highlighted a concerning increase in 16-to-24-year-olds who are neither employed nor receiving education or training. Official figures suggest that nearly 851,000 young people fell into this category at the end of 2023. Kendall will criticize the Conservative Party for economic and employment failures.

In advance of her speech, Kendall discussed on BBC's Today programme the challenges young people face in securing work without experience. She outlined Labour's strategy for supporting job seekers with comprehensive advice, work opportunities, and early mental health intervention.

Labour has promised additional investments such as 1,000 new careers advisers, mental health support in schools, and Young Future hubs to aid at-risk youth, funded by closing tax loopholes and ending tax privileges for private schools. The party also intends to revamp the apprenticeship levy to better supply skills training.

Kendall is further expected to propose reforms to improve work access for young disabled individuals. However, Labour has yet to specify if these statements will be reinforced with strict enforcement measures.

Responding to Labour's positions, a Conservative spokesperson cited the party's poor historical track record on youth employment, expressing skepticism over Labour's plans to alter the apprenticeship levy, and suggested it could reduce on-the-job training opportunities.

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