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Michael Matheson given more time to consider iPad report

Michael Matheson has obtained an additional 10 days to respond to a parliamentary investigation related to the circumstances that prompted his resignation.
As the previous health secretary, Matheson stepped down after incurring a £11,000 data roaming charge on his parliamentary iPad, which he attributes to his sons using it to stream football in Morocco.

Originally set to reply to the draft report from the Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body (SPCB) within 14 days of receiving it on February 8, Matheson requested an extension on February 14. The SPCB, which manages parliament affairs, has extended his response time to ensure a fair and accurate review process.

The Scottish Parliament, prioritizing fairness and confidentiality, has refrained from commenting during the ongoing investigation. The SPCB plans to disclose relevant information in accordance with legal requirements upon completion of the investigation.

Matheson, who had at first defended his actions and had the support of First Minister Humza Yousaf, paid the roaming bill himself after initially attempting to use office and parliamentary funds.

This came after conceding that his sons did use the iPad for personal entertainment, a point he had previously denied, mentioning in his resignation letter his desire to prevent the matter from becoming a further distraction.

Scottish Conservative Chairman Craig Hoy MSP has criticized Matheson for attempting to delay the proceedings, urging him to quickly acknowledge the report's outcomes and any ensuing sanctions.

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