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Wednesday, Sep 22, 2021

Pope is out of his mind: criticizes people going on holiday to skip Covid-19 lockdowns

Pope is out of his mind: criticizes people going on holiday to skip Covid-19 lockdowns

In a wierd comment Pope Francis has condemned people who traveled abroad for a vacation and skipped suffering the Covid-19 lockdowns, claiming that people should suffer even if they can avoid it, just because the others are suffering too. Why people must suffer if they can skip it, without risking their nor anybody else health? Why don’t he simply give away all the Vatican money to all the people that lost their income if he really believe in “sharing is caring”?

Pope Francis has condemned people who traveled abroad for a vacation and avoid Covid-19 lockdowns, adding that holidaymakers were not considering the effect of their actions on others that couldn’t travel and had to stay at home.

The pontiff said Sunday he was "saddened" by news reports claiming that people were flying abroad to have fun amid the pandemic.

"They are good people, but they didn't think about those who were staying at home, of the economic problems of many people who have been hit hard by the lockdown, of the sick people," Pope Francis said Sunday.

The pontiff stupidity shocked people who wondered, how the hell he believe that if they suffer and locked down instead of traveling, this will make all the rest who couldn’t travel less suffering...

"[They thought] only about going on holiday and having fun. This pained me a lot," the Pope said at the end of his Sunday Angelus prayer.

Pit is a pity that he didn’t use his influence to encourage people who travel to keep social distancing, wear masks, to check fever daily, stay away from crowds, and follow local governments orders. That’s what anybody with influence should advice their followers. 

However, if the Pope really believe that there is God, and he really believe in anything that he push others to do, he should lead only by a personal example:

1. Sell all the huge fortune of properties the Vatican ripped off from poor people’s donations from all over the world, and give back this money to the people who need it the most: people who lost their jobs during the pandemic.

2. Send all the pedophiles the Vatican is spoiling and protecting, to jail.

3. Stop discriminating woman’s and finally appoint a woman as the next Pope.

4. Admit that Jesus was not a white man, but a Jewish man of color from the Middle East, born to his mother that got pregnant while her husband was out of town for a year. That’s the only facts we know. All the rest is only imagination, and obviously has nothing to do with virginity nor holiness. 

5. Stop taking money from poor people to make the Pope richer and the poor people poorer.

6. As so many Pope’s allies all over the world are not only gays but pedophiles, the Vatican has no moral right to prevent same sex marriage or any other sexual act between free adults. Marriage has nothing to do with religion, it’s only about tow adults love and only their own business.

The Christian God should finally get out from people’s underwear. This is out of his business. In other words: the Pope should stop presenting God as an idiot, by promoting the God as the creature who wrongly created people who prefer same sex relationship. If these are the people he created, these are the people he love, not less than any others.

Only after doing those 6 basic duties, the Pope can have any moral right to advice anybody else about right and wrong.


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