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Russia is rebuilding capacity to destabilize European countries, new UK report warns

The UK's Royal United Services Institute warns that Russia is reinforcing its capabilities to undermine European stability and extend its influence in the Middle East and Africa, threatening NATO amidst the Ukraine conflict.
The think tank's report suggests the West must enhance its response to Russian unconventional warfare tactics to counteract the invasion of Ukraine effectively.

The report highlights potential Russian interference in the Balkans and upcoming European elections, where Moscow could exploit political divisions.

Released just before the invasion's two-year mark, the 35-page document details Russian actions to broaden its reach beyond Ukraine, including failed attempts to destabilize Moldova. The institute, using leaked Russian intelligence and expert interviews, calls for continued caution against Russian strategies.

Furthermore, Russia's growing alliances in Africa and the Middle East could challenge Western interests, as they promote an "Entente Roscolonial" of states increasingly under Russian sway.

The report criticizes perceived Western hypocrisy in handling conflicts differently, like in Ukraine, Gaza, and Tigray, potentially fueling resentment in Africa.

The report also examines the Wagner Group, a Russian mercenary outfit involved in conflicts worldwide, offering plausible deniability for Russia's involvement.

After the death of its leader, the Russian military has assimilated these forces, offering support to authoritarian regimes in Mali and the Central African Republic, under the guise of an "Expeditionary Corps."

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