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Sunday, Dec 04, 2022

“Sir” Gary R. Hickinbottom has handed over the Colonial Commission of Inquiry Report to the white supremacist Governor Rankin

The anti-democratic Commission’s Report is “long and detailed with almost 1,000 pages and over 40 recommendations”, according to Governor Rankin. Yes, yes, that is not a joke. The UK's corrupt government sent over a person who has never run a supermarket or even a shop-counter to advise others how to properly run a government. Hahaha…
In 2022, the Virgin Islands is supposed to be a democracy, not a bureaucracy.

Not a slaves camp with a white man boss who does nothing but giving orders and suck the people’s money. Not a colony with a fake democracy.

As we all know, the only people in history who did nothing wrong are the people who did nothing at all.

And the only way democracy is improving is by making mistakes and learning from them, of their own people, by their own people, for their own people. Any foreign interference is a form of dictatorship.

However, when one looks at the UK’s broken “democracy” with its daily scandals of corruption and bribery, of Ministers who break their own laws, of civil servants and MPs who celebrated on Prince Philip’s death, of a PM who systematically lies to the parliament, to the public, cheat his wife, lie to the queen, a cabinet ministers who cheat their wives, who finance wild sex lives with tax payers’ money, and rely on criminal donations… then one knows this is the last government that should advise any other government how to do better, when they themselves are doing so wrong.

Without reading the report, and without knowing anything about the way the Virgin Island’s government managed their own affairs, I can assume that it’s easy to be a smart-ass in retrospect, and give advice on what was wrong, how things could have been done better, and what should be done differently in future.

We all know how to play better football by watching TV from the sofa, right?

The dignity of the islanders necessitates them ignoring the report and throwing it in the trash without reading it.

Not that criticism is not important. It is very important. But it's important when it come from professionals who have experience in running a government, not from apparatchiks with a bureaucratic and white supremacy mindset.

Not because there won't be any accurate criticism in this report. After all, even a broken clock shows the exact time twice a day.

Not because all the government actions are perfect. There has never been a government in the world so perfect that it has not made mistakes. There has never been a government that had no corruption, no stupid actions, no unnecessary waste and no abuse of authority, never in any democracy in the world, and certainly not in the UK - where corruption, occupation, exploitation, oppression, theft, fraud, double standards, robbery, looting, and demanding from others to sanctify what they themselves desecrate are an integral part of the DNA and its operating system from the first day of its creation to the present day.

(Just look at how surreal it is to see the UK Prime Minister condemn the Russian president for committing in Ukraine barely ten percent of the atrocities that Britain and its allies have committed against women, children and millions of other innocent people in Afghanistan, Iraq and Vietnam, to name a few ... Putin certainly Deserving condemnation for his heinous acts against civilians in Ukraine. But when this condemnation comes from the mouths of those who have committed much worse war crimes worldwide, the important condemnation becomes a sad joke)

But because what happens on the Islands is a matter for the Islanders only. This is not Iraq, not Afghanistan, not Ukraine. Not a place for foreigners to force their double standards and tyranny.

Britain’s apparatchiks have no right to interfere in what is happening on the Islands. Their only rights should to come with big boats full of money, to pay the immense debt due to the descendants of the former British victims in the islands.

The mindset of anyone involved in forcing this Commission on the Islanders is the mindset of a criminal against humanity from two hundred years ago. Not of any decent man in the current century.

Let the Islanders breathe. Their independence matters.


What skills or experience has this be-wigged buffoon to run a country, to run a ministry, or even just to run a supermarket?

What is the authority of a colonial power to appoint a rank outsider with no expertise, no credibility and no relevance to question the workings of a democratically elected government?

What is the moral standing of this useless idiot, when he was appointed by a dirty British minister who was kicked out of his job because of corruption, and when he is the representative of a serial-criminal government which has broken its own laws at least 16 times?

Take a look at the professional track-record of the red-robed clown… would you take a recommendation from him on buying a second hand car?

Vere Browne 221 days ago
God Save Our Gracious Queen!!!👸 👑
Long Live Our Noble Queen!!!👸 crown 👑
God Save The Queen !!!👸 👑


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