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US Has Agreed To Send More Bombs, Warplanes To Israel: Report

The US has approved the transfer of advanced munitions and fighter jets to Israel, totaling billions of dollars, amidst discussions about a potential Israeli military action in Rafah.
This package includes a substantial number of bombs, aligning with the US's annual military aid of $3.8 billion to Israel. The decision occurs against the backdrop of international critique over Israel's actions in Gaza and calls within the US for a reevaluation of military support to Israel.

President Biden expressed empathy for Arab Americans' distress over the conflict and US backing for Israel but affirmed ongoing support for the country.

This move follows Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant's visit to the US, emphasizing the strategic importance of US-Israel relations and Israel's military superiority in the region.

The conflict mentioned began on Oct. 7, with significant casualties reported on both sides, including a large number of deaths in Gaza.

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