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Nicola Sturgeon states that the Covid Inquiry has her informal messages

Nicola Sturgeon confirms that the UK Covid Inquiry possesses her informal message exchanges with colleagues. These messages, she reports, were provided to the inquiry last year. Her commentary comes as a gesture of respect for those affected by the pandemic and due to recent scrutiny over her deletion of messages. Despite these allegations, Sturgeon states that she submitted the necessary information to the inquiry and insists on answering questions transparently when she gives her testimony.
Counsel Jamie Dawson KC has shared concerns about the absence of retained messages on Sturgeon's end, with her then-deputy John Swinney also using auto-delete for his communications.

Sturgeon reiterates her response to Covid was conducted formally from her office; she kept minimal informal digital communication and made sure any handwritten notes were officially recorded. Despite some decisions not being perfect, she affirms her unwavering intent was public safety.

Critiques, such as Scottish Conservative party chairman Craig Hoy MSP, suggest Sturgeon's deletions were intentional and lack transparency, calling for an end to secrecy within SNP leadership.

The Scottish government maintains its commitment to the inquiries, noting the importance of learning from the pandemic and declining to comment further due to the ongoing investigation.

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