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Angry French Farmers Clash With Police As Macron Attends Paris Agricultural Fair

French farmers confronted police during President Macron's attendance at the Paris Agricultural Fair, expressing dissatisfaction over unmet demands.
Macron engaged with the event throughout the day, despite protests and altercations with law enforcement, which resulted in the fair's temporary closures and skirmishes.

Riot police maintained a distance between the president and demonstrators as Macron reviewed agricultural exhibits, but tensions rose when protestors forced their entry, leading to clashes. Six arrests were made and eight officers sustained injuries, reported Paris police chief Laurent Nunez.

Additionally, farmers targeted dairy company Lactalis by dumping manure at its booth, accusing them of underpaying for milk. Despite the day's chaos, Macron remained at the fair for 13 hours, advocating for dialogue over conflict and highlighting his administration's commitment to 62 measures addressing farmer concerns.

Before the upheaval, Macron had started his fair visit with a meeting involving top farmer unions to discuss industry grievances, substituting for a broader debate he had canceled.

Although the president emphasized efforts to simplify processes and promised minimum pricing protections, his reassurances fell short for some farmers, with FNSEA's Eric Labarre sharply criticizing Macron's approach.

Meanwhile, FNSEA leader Arnaud Rousseau acknowledged some progress. Macron plans to reconvene with agricultural leaders after the fair concludes on March 3.

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