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Britain’s ‘deep state’ thwarted my plans, Liz Truss tells US far-right summit

At the US right-wing summit, CPAC, Liz Truss, former short-serving UK Prime Minister, claimed the British 'deep state' of bureaucrats and lawyers undermined her governmental plans.
Truss spoke at the gathering, known for aligning with Trump's populist conservatism, alongside ex-Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage. Other participants included Steve Bannon and Richard Grenell, as well as global representatives.

Truss compared UK 'quangos' to the US 'deep state', criticizing their power over elected officials' decisions. She argued that the establishment resists change beneficial to the average person, maintaining a vested interest in the status quo.

Highlighting the changing nature of civil service, with more activist individuals, she suggested this presents a new hurdle for conservatives' policy implementation.

Echoing Bannon's rhetoric, Truss wrote an op-ed for Fox News condemning 'the left's' infiltration in the administrative state, asserting it blocked her efforts to implement conservative reforms.

Her stint as prime minister ended after market turmoil in reaction to her unfunded tax cuts proposal. During CPAC, other speakers, like Bannon, emphasized the need to dismantle the powerful administrative state.

The CPAC conference, featuring speakers like Trump and international conservatives, aimed to unite global right-wing leaders against globalism. Truss's book promotion was among the highlighted materials at the event.

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