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Nissan Faces Backlash for Outdated Electric Car Support

Nissan Leaf owners have criticized the company for abandoning early adopters following the announcement that the mobile app for older car models will become obsolete.
The app's end of service is due to the UK's discontinuation of the 2G network; however, drivers are upset, having not anticipated this withdrawal.

Up to 3,000 Nissan Leaf and e-NV200 vehicles produced before 2016, equipped with 2G units, will be impacted. Nissan stated that the NissanConnect EV app will cease operating from April 1, 2024, in anticipation of the 2G shutdown. Still, essential features can be accessed via the car's onboard system.

Owners, including Manchester's Max Siegieda with a 2013 Leaf, are disappointed by the short notice, emphasizing that remote functions like pre-heating the car were key features.

Siegieda is now hesitant to purchase another Nissan. David Morris, another affected driver, expects longer support for vehicles and questions his future patronage of the brand.

Experts suggest that this issue could become more widespread as technology advances and manufacturers phase out support for older software. Dr. Benjamin Gorman criticizes Nissan's lack of foresight for backward compatibility and cites shifting industry trends towards subscription-based features.

Despite these concerns, Cinch's motoring editor Sam Sheehan advises maintaining perspective. The Leaf, being an EV pioneer, suffers from outdated technology, but he believes newer EVs are likely to remain functional for far longer.

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