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Vauxhall’s Luton plant to manufacture electric vans in UK from next year

Stellantis, the parent company of Vauxhall, will start producing electric vans at its Luton, UK plant in 2025, securing 1,500 jobs.
The plant will make electric models for Vauxhall, Citroën, Peugeot, and Fiat brands.

This move is a boon for the UK's auto sector, which has bounced back after chip shortages and Brexit concerns. Stellantis had previously threatened to close UK plants if tariffs disrupted trade, but late trade agreements have encouraged investment.

Despite Honda and Ford shuttering UK operations, other carmakers, like Nissan and Tata, are investing in UK electric vehicle production. Tata plans a £4bn battery plant in Somerset, and BMW is spending £600m on electric Minis.

Ellesmere Port, another Stellantis UK site, has shifted from cars to electric vans, ensuring its future. The Luton factory, capable of 100,000 vehicles annually, will produce various van models, mainly focusing on right-hand drives for the UK, but can switch to left-hand drives.

Stellantis called for government incentives to boost electric vehicle demand and support the transition, underscoring its commitment to UK manufacturing.

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