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Paris votes to triple parking charges for some SUVs

Paris has decided to increase parking fees for certain SUVs, targeting vehicles over 1.6 tonnes driven by non-residents.
The charge for these larger, heavier cars will rise to €18 per hour in the city center, a measure approved by 54.5% of participating Parisians in a recent vote.

Despite low voter turnout at 5.7%, the initiative is part of Mayor Anne Hidalgo's push to prepare the city for the Olympic Games by improving environmental conditions and promoting pedestrian and cyclist-friendly areas.

Parking fees for specified SUVs will not only triple for the first two hours but will continue to escalate for longer stays, with a six-hour parking slot costing €225.

Electric vehicles weighing over two tonnes are also subject to this tariff hike. While Hidalgo celebrates this move as an environmentally conscious resistance, driving advocacy group "40 millions d'automobilistes" has criticized it as an infringement on driver freedoms, launching a petition against it.

These changes align with broader ambitions for a more bike-friendly Paris. Under Hidalgo's leadership, the city has seen a significant increase in cycle lanes and bike usage following the COVID lockdowns. This action comes on the heels of a decision to ban e-scooters from the city.

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